Bearing Analytics aims to be a leading provider of condition monitoring and failure prediction capabilities for industrial rotating machinery by leading innovation in next-generation sensor technologies

Sensor Technologies

The only one of its kind, the sensor package is the first ever implementation of bearing temperature and vibration monitoring directly on the bearing cage, enabling unprecedented measurement accuracy, response time and data resolution.
✓ Direct Cage Sensing
✓ Real-time On-line Monitoring

Cloud Infrastructure

Easy cloud integration for advanced data analytics and long term data storage. On-site and off-site access via web and mobile APIs. Our platform provides a low-cost, flexible, and highly-scalable framework to delivery maximum-ROI for the installed sensor base.
✓ Advanced RUL Analytics
✓ Web and Mobile APIs

Seamless Integration

Bearing Analytics' systems are designed to both enable integration into retrofit equipment and legacy DCS networks, as well as new machinery and Bearing Analytics' packaged data analytics platform. 

✓ Retrofit & Legacy Integration
✓ Highly Flexible Solution